Dayboro Weather station

This Dayboro weather station in the outskirts, of Dayboro (King Scrub), Queensland in Australia. The data for this weather station is collected every 2.5 seconds at Lyndhurst-Hill (Since 2004), located in the Avalon Downs estate and is carbon neutral, we produce more energy than used by this weather station.

This Dayboro Weather station funded by a business directory for Moreton Bay businesses. The weather station calculates weather forecasts, for the local community using data, collected from weather stations surrounding Dayboro and provided advice for storms and fire danger.

All data is locally collected, and the forecasts are locally compiled every two hours, we do NOT copy any weather reports from the BOM. We do get it wrong (sometimes), and for that reason you should not use this information for the protection of life and property.

I the weather station anemometer is broken, been watching it spinning but recording states 0. So that is no good, no idea what is wrong with it, so until further notice the weather station is off-line. The wind speed readings impact all aspects of the weather, and I do not want to give wrong information or dodgy forecasts.
It did well for eleven years, five months two days and three hours.

Once some money is saved I might replace it, for now it is what it is