That is it, we closed up shop.

All good things come to an end, and now after 11 years I am sorry to say, so does Dayboro weather. Due to the mounting cost, bills and time I no longer can provide you with this enjoyable service.


It feels sad and good; I battled council to get permission for a pole for my wind speed and direction. I battled neighbours on Lyndhurst Road to keep the weather station for years, who wanted it gone for years. I have answered to police because of the complaints about the weather station. Predicted storms, warned about sunburn and even told when floods would occur.


Now stuff is broken, trees have grown and I need a taller pole…. Guess what… council approval is required yet again… Not going to do it, can’t afford it.


I have asked for donations; some gave, most did not. I tried to raise money, not by the lack of trying it is more the lack of giving.

Free is free right… Not really actually.


We all pay for the BOM… so lets us that.


In the end, it was fun.

I wish you sunny days when you need it and rain when you want it.